Straw: Alas, me and my five children must starve tonight. Again. I hope you can live with that, vile woman.
Shara: Maybe I should shove your "children" up your ASS, STRAW. Y'know, where you PULLED them from.
Straw: They are METAPHORICAL children. Mainly rats living beneath the Floor.
Shara: And here I thought those were your food reserves for bad times.
Straw: The times are ALWAYS bad for the likes of us, Shara ...
Straw: You're lucky you have a Population of fleas in your fur for that purpose, hm?
Shara: Yeah, fuck you. C'mon rat-eater. Seven arrows, seven coins. That was the deal.
Halan: <approaches> And here I thought you two were practising ACROBATICS and not INSULTS.
Straw: Both can be a form of ART, Halen.
Shara: Oh, hey.



Alt-text: "The children are metaphorical, but the ass is literal."

UPDATE (as of 2017-02-19): I probably won't get page 213 up today, I needed to upgrade server space and now need to wait until my webhoster is finished with that ...

Updated on 2018-05-19

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