Shara: I've been practising the bow, actually. I'm almost up to my old form ... maybe I could do a trick with THAT. Y'know, shoot an apple out of your mouth, Halen ...
Halen: I'll ... think about it, darling.
Straw: <grins> That means "no", Shara. Trust me, he wouldn't be my knife-throwing-target, either.
Straw: Anyways, I gotta run! See ya both!
Shara: Greet your RATS from me before you eat them!
Straw: They'll be delighted ...!
<Straw leaves>
Halen: ... you should be careful with Straw, Shara. He has some ... SHADY friends ...
Shara: EVERYONE here is "shady" according to you! I thought you LIKED these guys! They're your "family", ain't they?
Halen: I DO like him, Shara. Some of the family just can't really let go of their criminal past, completely. INCIDENTALLY exactly those you choose to hang out with ...
Shara: <angrily> Yeah - because they're the FUN ones! Y'know, those who don't consider everyone "shady" who is not with your MAGE'S GUILD. Do you warn the others how "shady" I am, too?!



Alt-text: "Shara might not be the best person to call someone out for being insensitive ..."

Sooo ... technical issues resolved, sorry for the delay :/

Updated on 2018-05-25: Shady, shady lady

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