Updated on 2018-05-25

↓ Transcript
Halen: Alright, I'm SORRY, Shara. I ... didn't mean it THAT way!
Shara: I'm sure you didn't ... you always wanna be everyone's best pal, don't you?
Halen: Shara ...
Shara: Whatever. How's Kat and your mean ol' guild master? Still planning? That expedition should've started WEEKS ago, shoudn't it?
Halen: Eh ... yes. Lady Violet was out of town for some time and no one knew where she was.
Shara: Lady Violet? What does SHE have to do with the whole thing?
Halen: Well, she invested in the expedition. Didn't you know?
Halen: Some of her people are going to travel with you.
Shara: Oh.
Halen: ... why? Do you know her?
Shara: No, I just ... HEARD of her, is all.