Updated on 2018-05-26

↓ Transcript
Shara: I'm surprised you don't consider HER "shady".
Halen: Well, I DO, actually. But we need her Support. She's one of the most influental citizens of Serpent's End, you know.
Shara: Yeah. Besides your MASTER PECK, you mean.
Halen: He only leads the GUILD, Shara ...
Shara: Which in turn basically runs the CITY. Just like in GOLDHAVEN. ... damn mages ...
Halen: ...
Shara: <sighs> So, why can't we leave while Lady V is out of town? Don't tell me the old woman is going with us in person?
Halen: No, but we still have some details left to ... negotiate. That's why we're meeting her tomorrow, actually.
Shara: So ... she's back in town now?
Halen: ... yes, darling.
Shara: And you're meeting her.
Halen: Yes, Kat and I are paying her a visit. Her mansion looks FANTASTIC from the outside ... I can't wait to see it from inside!
Shara: Huh. Well. Good luck. Tell me how it was.