It feels good to be back to my two main protagonists and have them bickering.

I guess that is a good sign … ?

Updated on 2018-05-26

↓ Transcript
<Later that evening, Shara and Katharina in the Serpent's Tail>
Shara: So ... What's the deal with your master Peck?
Katharina: He's not MY MASTER, Shara. Not really ... I'm not his apprientice - thank LHÛN - and I'm still just a GUEST of the Guild Hall here, not a member.
Shara: Uh-huh.
Shara: And why exactly does that matter? Don't you like him as much as your old master at home?
Katharina: That's not the point.
Shara: So, yes.
Katharina: UGH.
Shara: ... but you don't TRUST him.
Katharina: That's not true. I just don't ... share his views entirely.
Shara: <grins> Mhm ... like about that deal with Lady Violet?
Katharina: How do you know - <sighs> ... Halen, right?
Shara: Yep.
Katharina: Of course ...
Katharina: I love him, really, but he likes talking a bit TOO much ...
Shara: You don't say.