Shara: So, you "love" him, eh?
Katharina: What?
Shara: You just said you love him.
Katharina: Well, YES. I Mean, NO, not like THAT ... !
Katharina: He's more like a BROTHER to me ...
Shara: <murmuring> Ah, yes, the big, happy family continues to grow ...
Katharina: Nothing important. Does HE feel that way, too?
Katharina: Um ... yes? I'm pretty sure he has no ... ROMANTIC INTEREST in me, either. I mean he's not the type for that, anyway ...
Shara: Yes, I figured as much ...
Katharina: Did you now?
Shara: Well YEAH.
Shara: <grinning> C'mon he's a FAGGOT, right? It's pretty obvious ...
Katharina: Please don't call him that, Shara ...
Shara: The way he talks and Acts. How much jewlery he's wearing ... ain't I right? He IS a fag, isn't he?
Katharina: <upset> DON'T CALL HIM THAT! I MEAN it! That's ... ugh, LISTEN: He is a GOOD MAN, a nice, great and LOVELY person! And he ALREADY has enough problems with people who find out about his ... PREFERENCES. PLEASE leave him alone with that, alright?
Shara: SHEESH, calm down, princess ...



Alt-text: "Maybe Shara acts a bit too smug for having found that out ..."

Obviously, there isn't much to be found in the way of LGBT rights in Yra ...

It's easy to be tempted to write the character that is supposed to be the nice one (In this case/scene Katharina, obviously) with more or less modern views on society and everything. But of course, Katharina comes from a culture that is in many ways medieval ... she is a bit more open-minded than the average human, partly because she's in the Mages's Guild, an institution that is already viewed with suspicion by the rest of the Kingdom.

The Guild has become a bit of a haven not only for mages, but for people who are outsiders, or in the worst case, "freaks" in other parts of the world. And there is a lot of disagreement between members wether that is a good thing or not ...

Updated on 2018-06-01

Updated on 2023-09-18: ... generally, I really like this whole scene, even if this part got very ... clunky. If I were to redo the whole thing I would probably just skip it.

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