In case you were wondering, Mage City Senior is Goldhaven.

Updated on 2018-06-01

↓ Transcript
Shara: I didn't mean it as an INSULT! I just say it how it is ...
Halen: I'm pretty sure "faggot" IS an Insult, Shara. It's what people scream when they throw STONES at him ...
Katharina: YES.
Shara: Here, in Mage City Junior?
Katharina: No, but in BACKSTOWN.
Shara: Everybody seems to like him HERE, though ...
Katharina: I'm ALMOST SURE that's not true ...
Shara: Wow, and I thought your guild would be open to ALL sorts of freaks ...
<Katharina glares angrily>
Shara: Alright, I'M SORRY, don't stare at me like that! I LIKE Halen, honestly. And I didn't mean "freaks", hust ... well, you know. STRANGE PEOPLE.
Katharina: You mean "strange people" like CRIPPLED EX-CRIMINALS?
Shara: Hey I'm NOT in your guild and I'm pretty fuckin' HAPPY about that.
Katharina: SO glad we agree on that one, Shara ...