Updated on 2018-06-01: You got wine on your hair there, Katharina.

↓ Transcript
Shara: But back to Lady V and Peck for a moment ...
Katharina: Ngh ... I'm not sure what to think, Shara. He always seems so ... careful about "enemies" undermining the Guild.
Shara: The word you're looking for is "paranoid".
Katharina: ... yet he partners up with THAT person! Even I know she is bad news and I've only been here for a few weeks!
Katharina: Master Peck says we need her money, but I ... I just don't believe that. From what I've seen they could've easily launched this on their own.
Shara: Maybe they work closer together than you think. Didn't you say he wanted to hide this thing from your guys over in Blackshire?
Katharina: That's ... what MASTER COUMI said, at least, yeah ...
Shara: Sounds like something they'd BOTH get furious about for you telling a "filthy criminal" like me ...
Katharina: UGH. Don't remind me ...
Shara: ... more booze?
Katharina: Yes, PLEASE.