Katharina: AHEM. Enough of that ... I see you finally got rid of the crutches completely?
Shara: Well ... yeah. A few days ago already.
Katharina: <smiling> I SAID you'll walk again, didn't I?
Shara: Myeah. I guess you did. I still use the cane for longer walks, though. Just for security.
Katharina: And for when you're too intoxicated ... ?
Shara: I still sleep right above here, remember? I'll find my bed no matter how smashed I am.
Katharina: ... Right. I'm glad you can pay for it by yourself again.
Shara: I bet.
Katharina: But do you mind if I ask ... well, HOW you get that much money?
Shara: Oh, this and that. Some stuff with Halen, some favors for friends.
Katharina: "Favors". For "friends".
Shara: Yes.
Katharina: <sighs> SHARA ...
Shara: Oh would you fucking RELAX, Kat! I'm not doing anything ILLEGAL! Do I have to promise that? FINE. I PROMISE!
Shara: I PROMISE I'm not doing anything that could get me, you or your GUILD into trouble. SATISFIED?
Katharina: ...



Alt-text: "Well at least she didn't say 'TECHNICALLY I'm not doing anything illegal ... '"

Updated on 2018-06-01

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