Katharina: ... okay. Alright. Forget I said anything ...
Shara: GREAT. Now, Lady V and your Master Peck ... you and Halen should be careful with THEM. They're bickering about power in this city, and people who want power - or are afraid to lose it - are always dangerous.
Katharina: <sighs> I WANT to believe you're wrong, but ... GODDAMMIT. I just want to study HISTORY, is that so hard ...
Shara: <snickers> History? Really?
Shara: THAT'S your deepest desire? Ever thought of getting a MAN?
Katharina: I left home 'cause I DIDN'T want to get married off, Shara! <quiet> Well, partly ...
Shara: Girl, I'm not talking about MARRIAGE. When's the last time you, y'know ... FUCKED a guy?
Katharina: Shara ... can't you at least PRETEND to have some class ... =
Shara: Let me think ... hmh ... NO.
Katharina: What a surprise.



Alt-text: "I always imagined Shara as Rogue/Fighter, so she has a least two classes, actually ..."

To whom it may concern: Happy Easter Holidays.

Updated on 2018-06-01: I love Shara's look in panel 4.

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