Updated on 2018-06-01: Way to perpetuate the madonna-whore-thing, Shara …

↓ Transcript
<Shara scoots over to Katharina>
Shara: C'mon spit it out!
Katharina: I ... had a man I loved back in Beckstown, but it didn't work out.
Shara: So you left him to come here?
Katharina: It ... was a while before that, actually.
Shara: Well, maybe you should find someone HERE, Kat. Just a thought. Preferably before we head out into that jungle mess again ... might give you a clear head. And make you, y'know, less CRANKY.
Katharina: I'm NOT cranky! And it's not ... I'm not THAT kind of woman!
Shara: You mean the kind of woman who does what she wants to? LOOK, you humans are expected to stick with one man for your whole life, right? It's the same in Soaleywin, where I was born. If you chose against THAT and already left one man back at home ...
Katharina: What are you getting at?
Shara: Well, you're ALREADY a los cause - you might as well enjoy it!
Katharina: That's ... that's not even REMOTELY how it works!