Updated on 2018-06-02: Shara is pretty prudish for someone who jokes about sex that much …

↓ Transcript
Katharina: What do YOU know, anyway? YOU sleep with everything that has a DONG, don't you?!
Shara: Sorry, Princess ... are you calling me a SLUT?
Katharina: Er ... well. NO! I didn't mean -
Shara: A SHAME. And I was just looking for a reason to beat you up. Beating up mages is the second best way to unwind. ... The best is SEX; naturally.
Katharina: <sighs> You don't have ANY shame, do you?
Shara: No, the rest of it must've been in my right foot ...
Katharina: Now you're just screwing with me.
Shara: Please NEVER say that sentence again, Princess. URK.
<Shara sees someone at the bar and waves>
Shara: Speaking of screwing: CUFF! HEY! Finally a real man ...
Katharina: I ... I'm not even going to ask.