Updated on 2018-06-02: Holy crap, that speech bubble salad in panel 4 …

↓ Transcript
<Cuff comes over to the table>
Cuff: Ah, SHARA, I knew I'd find you here! Mind if my brother and I buy you a drink?
Shara: You're not here to SPEND money, are you?
Cuff: I think it's called "advertising costs", baby. The offer extends to your lovely friend here, too, of course. Hey there, sweetheart! <winks>
Katharina: Um ... THANKS, but ...
<Kibbly appears directly beside Katharina, she gets startled>
Katharina: GAH!
Shara: ... so that's your little brother, eh? Seems a bit ... YOUNG.
Cuff: He's old enough.
Kibble: Old enough and especially GIFTED! Call me KIBBLE; my Lady!
<Kibble gives Katharina a kiss on the hand>
Shara: "Gifted", eh? With WHAT exactly ... ?
Katharina: <uncomfortable, whispering> Eeeeeh, SHARA? I don't want to INTERRUPT anything, but -
Cuff: <Interrupts her> So what do you two beauties want to drink?