Shara: Well, I never pass on free booze. How about that strawberry rum?
Cuff: Great! Grab 4 of those, will ya, lil' one?
Kibble: Sure thing, big brother!
Katharina: AAAAACTUALLY I'll pass, thanks! Thank you - er - two for the Invitation, but, er, I think I have to GO now! <quietly> Would you please let me out
Kibble: Awww ...
Shara: And here I was trying to get you some company.
Katharina: That's very ... CONSIDERATE of you, but - wait, what do you mean by "company"?
Shara: Whaddaya THINK I mean, Kat? For fuck's sake, they're WHORES.
Kibble: Such a crude word!
Katharina: <shocked> But - they're BROTHERS!
Cuff: It's a family Business.
Kibble: A small one!
Cuff: Big enough.
Katharina: ... ookay. Right. I'm, er, gonna go now. Er, have a ... nice evening?
Shara: Certainly more fun than yours ...



Alt-text: "Incidentially they are prostitutes for the money, not for fuck's sake."

Updated on 2018-06-02

4 thoughts on “page225

  1. So they don’t like asian drinks? ^.-

    1. I’m not sure I follow :D but I’m sure Ethkett has Fuck’s Sake there!

      1. Alt Text :) They do it for the money, not for Fuck’s Sake …

        1. Ah – I totally forgot that one :D And they might like asian drinks … but they like money more ;) (or they need it more … )

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