Katharina: <muttering to herself> Oh Lhûn ... oh mercy ...
<Katharina leaves in a hurry>
Kibble: Meh ... did we scare her off, now? You said to go ALL IN for this one, brother!
Cuff: Heh, sorry little one. I just assumed she'd be as DIRECT as her friend here.
Shara: I'll take that as a compliment.
Cuff: Hey, I LIKE not having to beat around the bush!
Shara: Why'd you have to, anyway? I mean, selling sec is not illegal here, right?
Cuff: No, but ever since Lady V sshut down the old whorehouse at the harbour it's been rough ... "freelancing".
Shara: You tryin' to GUILT-TRIP me into buying you two, Cuff?
Cuff: Hey, we don't NEED to guilt-trip customers, Shara - we offer QUALITY SERVICES!
Cuff: AND things you've never seen or FELT anyone do with their tongue, sweetie!
Shara: ... ALRIGHT! I'm feeling GENEROUS today. And CURIOUS, Kid, I'll admit! C'mon, help me up to my room, Boys. And don't Forget the drinks!



Alt-text: "She's doing this for charity reasons, of course."

Updated on 2018-06-08

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