<Shara is up in her room with Cuff and Kibble, fooling around>
Shara: Mhm ...
Shara: So, boy, about that "Special gift" of yours ...
Kibble: I Promise you'll never Forget this night, Beautiful ... !
Shara: Careful, you two - by now you have a LOT to live up to ...
Cuff: We know what we're doing, Baby. We'll make sure this'll be the BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!
Shara: Well this is not my first - NGH ... AH ...
Cuff: Relax and enjoy ...
Shara: ... f-fuck ...



Alt-text: "It's actually pretty great sex, but they hyped it so much, Shara's going to be disappointed ..."

Well that's enough with those three ... if I were Dave Willis, I'd continue this on slipshine ...

At least Shara's gonne have a nice night, for once.

Updated on 2018-06-09

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