<Katharina and Halen in the Guild Halls, getting dressed for something>
Katharina: ... and they were PROSTITUTES! MALE prostitutes, both of them! AND brothers! Can you imagine that?!
Halen: Oh, yes. I think I know who you're talking about.
Katharina: Of COURSE you know them ... Lhûn, they were talking like they tried to sell Shara, I don't know, a HAIRCUT or something!
Halen: <grins> A haircut, really?
Katharina: Okey, maybe not a HAIRCUT ... <mumbling> Though she had her heir cut, I think ...
Katharina: But you KNOW what I mean. It was so ... CASUAL!
Halen: Why does that upset you so much, darling?
Katharina: They. Are. BROTHER. Halen! That's DISGUSTING!
Halen: Well I heard the young one is quite TALENTED.
Halen: <grins> You know, maybe I should ask her how it was. Then I'll know if they're worth the money.
Katharina: <covers her ears> NGH. I can't HEEEAAAR YOOOOUUU ....



Alt-text: "I think she forgot to mention they were brothers."




Updated on 2018-06-09

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