Halen: If you really don't like prostitution happening you'll be glad tp hear Lady Violet was responsible for closing down the last big brothel in this city.
Katharina: She was, really?
Halen: Well ... not out of Moral reasons, of course. It's just that they didn't want to work for her and pay her half of the profit. Word is Lady Violet threatened and blackmailed the owner as well as a lot of the workers and customers to force them out of Business. Half a year later the house burned down. The old owner was found in the river, face down.
Katharina: You ... you are KIDDING, right?
Halen: Well, those were the rumors, anyway. Might all be made up. But a lot of the girls and boys from there DID end up working for Lady Violet after that ...
Katharina: Why ... why would you think I'd LIKE such a person? AND WHY ARE WE GOING TO VISIT HER, ALONE, IN HER HOUSE?!
Halen: Don't worry, darling. She was WAY too much respect for Gregor to kidnap us now.



Alt-text: "Sounds like a nice person."

Updated on 2018-06-09: Don't you think it's a bit hot for that scarf, Halen?

Updated on 2023-09-20: Seriously, I like how Halen's outfit looks but I doubt it will ever be cold enough in Serpent's End to warrant a scarf like that. I guess I just didn't think about the climate enough ... (the world after 2000 in a nutshell, am I right >_>)

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