Updated on 2018-06-15: But what if they’re like, really intelligent horses?

↓ Transcript
Halen: <sighs> I won't lie to you, Katharina. She IS dangerous ... IF you cross her! We're just going to meet her and discuss a few details about how many of her people will join you in that jungle. All NICE and CIVIL, don't worry!
Katharina: UH-HUH. I'm not sure I want ANY of her people near me in that jungle ... the wild beasts and poisonous plants are enough, THANK YOU.
Halen: That's about what Gregor said, too. I don't think he wants her to send anything more intelligent than horses with you.
Katharina: So we're going to tell her we're LITERALLY looking her gift horses in the mouth. Great. I bet THAT'll make her like us ...
Halen: You worry too much, sweetie!
Katharina: Or maybe you don't worry ENOUGH, Halen ...
Halen: You start to sound like Gregor, you know ...
Katharina: Ugh. Did you HAVE to say that ... ?