<Master Peck appears in the door>
Master Peck: Who sounds like me?
Katharina: - er -
Halen: Katharina, darling. You both tend to expect the worst of people.
Master Peck: I am very sure she DOESN'T, considering the company she did not just bring into MY CITY, but also intends to bring with her on MY EXPEDITION. Isn't that right, MISS GRAUCH?
Katharina: I-I ... um ...
Katharina: <thinking> Come ON, Kat! Stand up for yourself!
Katharina: <thinking> Don't let him treat you like that! He is NOT your father! You are NOT 14 anymore!
Katharina: I ... I have already explained why I did that, Master Peck! And ALSO why I think Shara will be of great value to the expedition. OUR expedition.
Katharina: And frankly: I TIRE of having to explain myself to you over and over again! I am a FULL-FLEDGED member of the Guild! And it was YOU who requested MY help, remember?
Master Peck: <growls>



Alt-text: "You go girl! Let's hope you survive what's coming ..."

Updated on 2018-06-15

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