Master Peck: Miss Grauch. HALEN was the one who suggested you. And the only reason you're still here is because I value HIS opinion. And because we don't have another month to find someone to fill in your role.
Master Peck: Now make sure to get ready to leave. Both of you. And meet me at the gates. I don't want wo waste any more time.
<He turns away and leaves the room>
Katharina: ... I ... I screwed up, didn't I? I made him REALLY angry this time. Why does he have to CRITICIZE everything I do? And I haven't even started doing what I'm here for!
Halen: RELAX, darling, you're doing finge. It's just the way he is. And he LIKES it when people are able to stand up to him. He'll come to like you, eventually.
Katharina: I ... don't think so. But thank you, Halen ... I'm just happy he'll not be in the jungle to look over my shoulder. Now let's get this visit behind us.
Halen: Righ. And don't worry, I bet Gregor will want to do all the arguing with the Lady, anyway. We can just LEAN BACK and SMILE.
Katharina: And get dumped into the harbor tonight ...
Halen; Hush, sweetie.



Alt-text: "I think Halen might have found a grey hair :o"

Updated on 2018-06-16

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