<Halen and Katharina are rushing down the Guild's hallways>
Katharina: There's still some things I don't understand, Halen ... Master Peck does not just run the Guild Halls here, but he's also the MAYOR of this city, right?
Halen: ... technically, yes.
Katharina: Right. And I know Serpent's End does not pay tribute to ANY surrounding kingdom or lord of any kind.
Halen: That is right, darling.
Katharina: So HOW IN THE WORLD does he NOT get the funds for this expedition by HIMSELF? He has the budget of a whole TRADING PORT at his disposal!
Halen: Katharina, I think you overestimate our wealth here. Keeping a city like this clean and running takes a lot of resources. Also, guild and city budget are actually seperated. He has to respect that.
Halen: That way the Guild's studies and expeditions can never cut into the cities running costs. The streets stay clean, the guards get paid, the kids get taught ...
Katharina: Right. And you're sure he'd never take just a bit of the city budget for the Guild's purposes, when the only one he has to explain it to is himself?
Halen: ... if he did he could fund the expedition alone, couldn't he?
Katharina: That's ... yeah. I guess you're right ...



Alt-text: "They should put up a sign 'Main Characters Crossing'"

Out of the way, random Drak guild member - the main characters are passing through!

Updated on 2018-06-16

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