Halen: Another thing is that most of the money coming from the trade these days is going into Lady V's pocket, anyways.
Katharina: Seriously?
Halen: Well not DIRECTLY ... but if even HALF of what I hear of her connections is true ... also she doesn't exactly, you know, PAY TAXES. Like MOST successful business people I guess.
Katharina: But ... if it's all THAT well known ... can't Master Peck DO something about it?
Halen: I'm afraid not. It's all just rumors. And Captain Slania won't do anything unless she has hard evidence.
Katharina: Captain? You mean of the city guard?
Halen: Captain of the city guard and the cities defenses, yes.
Katharina: Do you think that Lady V has bought her ... ? Paid her off, I mean?
Halen: Captain Slania? Oh no ... that woman is like GRANITE. She won't move an INCH, no matter how the wind howls ... (She's a little scary, though ... )



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