Halen: To be honest, Katharina: I think she is the only reason Gregor and Lady V have been keeping it civil between each other instead of doing something that'll be ... BAD for both of them. Or the city.
Katharina: Oh?
Halen: She can be pretty ... harsh. But she is always fair. You wouldn't believe what stories I've heard about HER ... but she cares about the people of Serpent's End and tries to keep the peace as best as she can.
Katharina: You make it sound like the situation here is ... pretty UNSTABLE, Halen.
Halen: <quiet> Please don't go tell anyone else, Kat, but ... I'm WORRIED about Gregor. He's very PROUD and he ... he really hates Lady V, I think. He's driven by anger ... and it REALLY doesn't help that she actively tries to take control of the city from him. I TRY to keep him calm, SENSIBLE, but I fear what will happen when one day he decides she has gone TOO FAR ...
Master Peck: <shouting from below> HALEN! MISS GRAUCH! WE DO NOT HAVE ALL DAY!
Halen: We're coming, Darling!
Katharina: H-Halen, I -
Halen: Not now, sweetie. Let's go.



Alt-text: "So Halen is afraid Peck is going to ... write a REALLY stern letter ... ?"

I don't know where the second E in the first panel came from, but appearantly it's got something to do with bees.

Updated on 2018-06-16: Bee worried no more

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