<Kan'Danenn, a bunch of Dragoons in parade armor standing before Ki'i'Mar, Councillor Ahry and the Head of Spies. We her Councillor Ahry narrating from the off;>
"A Gena like Ki'i'Mar is the embodyment of the RAW POWERS the primordial forces have granted us. They are REVERED by the public, by our culture, by our LEGENDS."
"But power is NOTHING without discipline. YOU are Dragoons. You are the embodyment of DISCIPLINE, of WILLPOWER, of CHARACTER. You are what EVERY Tyr'Enn should be."
"THAT is why you must follow the Gena. That is why you must help her face this danger. That is why you must CONTROL her with all your ability. And that is why you, should the need arise, must KILL her."



Alt-text: "It's good to see the council has her back."

Let's take a look at what the high north is up to, again ...

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