Updated on 2018-06-17

↓ Transcript
<Councillor Ahry still talking from the off:>
"A Gena is unlike anything you have faced as a foe until now. ONE wrong move, one wrong THOUGHT, and she will notice. And once she notices ... you are dead. Or WORSE.

I'm not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE that you six combined could match her raw power - but the chances are slim. And the risks TOO UNPREDICTABLE.

There is only one chance to RELIABLY overpower her:
Obey her. Follow her every whim. Don't even TRY to show anything else but BLIND DEVOTION. Do EVERYTHING to fuel her hubris, no matter how INSULTING or HUMILIATING it feels.

And then, when the moment arrives: STRIKE. No HESITATION, no WARNING, no SPLIT SECOND for her to prepare."