<Flashback, several days prior, Councillor Ahry and the Head of Spies are briefing the Dragoons>
Dragoon Na'Ki: Sir. If I may ask a question: I understand attacking the Gena as a last measure - but why do you make it sound like the INEVITABLE OUTCOME? She is still our GENA, after all.
Councillor Ahry: I am sure you have heard the stories about Gena Ki'i'Mar. She is EGOCENTRIC. She is CRUEL, even SADISTIC. She has not been known to show even the LEAST bit of empathy. She does NOT care for the good of the Tyr'Enn people - or just for ANYONE except for herself. You might even call her PSYCHOPATH.
Councillor Ahry: Do these words shock you? They shouldn't. Don't let yourself be blinded by our HERO-WORSHIPPING traditions. A personality like HERS with the powers of a GENA is a DISASTER just waiting to happen. That is the truth the Head of Spies and I have long since realized - even if the rest of the Council was reluctant to take the NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS.
Head of Spies: You heard the Chancellor. I handpicked the six of you because you are the best the Dragoons have to offer. I need EVERY LAST ONE of you to be ready to do what has to be done. For the goog of our people. WITHOUT HESITATION. Am I clear?



Alt-text: "Councillor Ahry would not have been a fan of the Guardians of Tirisfal."

Oh, look, so many new tattoo layouts to remember >_>

Updated on 2018-06-17: For the warcraft fans out there: no that guy with the blindfold is not a demon hunter.

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  1. Looks like an extremely dangerous tradition with their kind…

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