Master Peck: AMANDA. You know we have an agreement. And I tend to KEEP my agreements.
Lady Violet: But you don't seem to trust me to keep MINE. Or why else were you afraid to come ALONE?
Master Peck: <angry> I am NOT AFRAID -
Halen: <interrupts him with a smile> PLEASE allow me to introduce myself. I am HALEN TUOMI, Master Peck's RIGHT HAND, as you might say. Although that's hardly the OFFICIAL title ...
Halen: And this is KATHARINA ARKADIA GRAUCH. The scholar and historian who will lead the expedition.
<Halen gestures towards Katharina, who bows>
Katharina: Please to meet you, Lady Hoffrin.
Lady Violet: "Grauch", hm? From Beckstown? I think I met your FATHER once ...
Katharina: .. really? Ehm.
Katharina: <thinking> PLEASE not ...
Katharina: I-I'm not sure, Mylady, it's not THAT uncommon of a name, there ...
Lady Violet: Oh, YES. Yes, I'm SURE. You are his little girl that RAN AWAY FROM HOME, aren't you? ... INTERESTING.



Alt-text: "No, Lady V is not Kat's long lost mother."

So here we are again. Welcome to 2018.

If you are wondering what that "side project" was I talked about some time ago, I was working on a guest strip for .

Unfortunately my submission didn't make it into the guest week, but you can view it here, and here (it's two pages). It's a sort of crossover with the strips two main characters with Dragon Age, so ... it might have been a bit too obscure ... ;)

At least I also got a lot of work on the relettering done, which is now at page 96. And if you haven't looked yet, click back two times for the two holiday sketches of Shara and Katharina!

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