Katharina: I ... er ...
Master Peck: Amanda, we are not here to discuss MISS GRAUCH'S PARENTAGE, are we?
Lady Violet: ... No. I guess we are not. Follow me into my office, please, Gregor. Your associates can wait in the dining room.
Master Peck: Alright.
<Halen grabs Master Peck's arm>
Halen: <whispering> What? GREGOR! I thought we were supposed to be part of this!
Master Peck: <whispering> You ARE, Halen. You and Miss Grauch are going to go over the buget with Lady Hoffrin's assistant.
Master Peck: <whispering> I have OTHER matters to discuss with her. We'll meet here again, later.
Halen: <whispering> WHAT other matters, Gregor? Why don't you TELL me? ... are you HIDING something?
Master Peck: <whispering> NOT NOW, Halen! And not HERE.
Halen: <whispering> But -
Matser Peck: <whispering> SEE YOU LATER; HALEN.
<Master Peck leaves with Lady Violet and Halen looks after him, shocked>
Halen: ...
Katharina: <whispering> ... just so you know, Halen: I'm trying REALLY HARD not to be paranoid right now ....



Alt-text: "C'mon, Katharina, don't be a dick."

Look at those puppy eyes, Gregor! Look at them!

Also relettering is at page 101. Three digits o/ And it took about 4 months ... if I can keep that up I should be through by September this year.

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