Jester Book: Ahem ... Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt ... but if you'd like we could have a drink before we look at the budget. Or something to eat, if you prefer?
Jester Book: I could arrange for something to be brought to us in the dining room. Don't worry, I PROMISE it won't be poisoned or something! Haha!
Jester Book: ... Eheh. I, er, I'm sorry, that sounded funnier in my head. I apologize.
Katharina: <thinking> Alright, enough of this! Peck is not the only one who can assert himself!
Halen: O-oh, don't worry, it's not -
Katharina: <interrupting him> NO, Halen. He is RIGHT. That WASN'T EVEN REMOTELY FUNNY, Mister Book! And if it was meant to be a THREAT, I can ASSURE you ...
Jester Book: No, nothing like that, Miss Grauch, I SWEAR! I am TRULY SORRY! Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of me ... !
Katharina: Uh-huh.
Jester Book: I er ... I'll just say AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE from now on, alright ... ?
Katharina: Maybe that is better, YES. Now, please, let us get to your dining room, Mister Book.
Jester Book: Ehrm ... although it might be difficult for me to TALK ABOUT THE BUDGET with you if I'm not allowed to TALK, Miss Grauch ...
Katharina: <smirking> Well I guess then you'll just have to SILENTLY AGREE to everything we propose, hm? Problem solved.



Alt-text: "Negotiation tactics rule #55: Abusing your enemies faux-pas."

I feel the need to explain that Katharina is not unused to these kinds of business meetings (and usually fares better in them). It's just that both Peck and Violet did a great job and instantly finding and triggering her insecurities ... Now that both are not there, anymore, though ... Relettering is at page 106

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