Halen, darling, don’t get this wrong but … no one would believe you the “bad guy”, anyway.

Relettering is as page 110.

↓ Transcript
<Halen, Katharina and Book arrive in the dining room>
Jester Book: There we are! Are you sure you don't want a drink? I hope my TERRIBLE HUMOR hasn't offended you too much ...
Katharina: It's ... alright. I REALLY am not thirsty right now, thank you.
Halen: Actually, I'D gladly have a glass of juice if you have one for me, Mr. Book.
Jester Book: Certainly, Master Tuomi, any preferred fruit?
Halen: Oh, I'm open to anything as long as it is fresh. And please call me Halen.
Jester Book: As you wish! I'll take care of it and be right back!
<Book leaves>
Katharina: ... I admire how you can stay so RELAXED, Halen ...
Halen: Well, sweetie, since you decided to be the TOUGH ONE, I have to be the NICE ONE, don't I? You really seemed to have INTIMIDATED him a bit, there ...
Katharina: <sighs> I ... wasn't actually thinking about any sort of NEGOTIATION STRATEGY there, Halen ... I was just sick of people playing MIND GAMES with me ... with US. I just want to get this budget thing over with and then LEAVE this place ...
Halen: Now that we have ESTABLISHED it, though, we might es well USE it, don't we? Heh, I'm always the nice guy when I'm with GREGOR, too ...
Katharina: Yeah I can ... see that.