You know, Halen, a more cynical author might be tempted to let something terrible happen to you, just to prove you wrong …

Relettering is at page 114.

↓ Transcript
Katharina: So ... you STILL want to risk a drink after that?
Halen: Darling, PLEASE, you really think he'd poison us? That'd be at the very least a tad too OBVIOUS, wouldn't it? Also he seems like a GENUINELY nice guy. I don't think it's an act.
Katharina: ... how can you KNOW that?
Halen: I have a FEELING, Arkadia. And I tend to TRUST my feelings ... you should try that a bit more, too.
Katharina: I'm not sure we can AFFORD that here, Halen. There's a LOT at stake. Sometimes you HAVE to expect the worst, just to be prepared for it. Even if the chances are ... slim.
Halen: That is a TERRIBLE way to live, Darling.
Halen: WE shape the world by our existence, just as it shapes us. If you go through your life with such a negative attitude, you will also only FIND negativity. If you expect less from others, you will RECIEVE less. And you'll become a worse person YOURSELF in the process. But expect MORE and you'll recieve more. Both from yourself and from others. Where I grew up we called that "Alihima Parriga", the "Harmony from Within".
Katharina: That's a ... NICE philosophy ...
Halen: Just give it a CHANCE, sweetie, please.
Katharina: It's not lik I don't WANT to, it's just ... <sighs> Maybe I'm just a bad judge of character in general. I mean how ELSE would you explain that to this day I still continue to tolerate Shara ...
Halen: Now, don't be UNFAIR, she has a good heart, too. ... Somewhere.