<Shara's room in the Serpent's Tail, Captain Slania is standing before Shara, who is sitting on her bed>
Shara: ... what, you're not gonna take me to the watch?
Captain Slania: No reason. Yet. Also You don't look like you can make the walk right now. And I don't intend to carry you.
Shara: Yeah, I've heard THAT before ...
Shara: Look - CAPTAIN - what do you WANT? It was just a ... FIGHT. I can't stand that guy and ... well he can't stand ME either, obviously. Also HE'S the one who STARTED it, not me!
Captain Slania: I'm not here for THAT. Containing drunks is a rookie job.
Shara: ... I'm NOT drunk. I'm HUNGOVER.
Captain Slania: Really? I figured you HAD to be drunk to provoke a DRAK. Or CRAZY.
Shara: Well then I AM crazy, that's none of your FUCKING BUSINESS! Why are you even TALKING to me if it's not for that fight?!
Captain Slania: Your friends.
Shara: ... waht?
Captain Slania: THAT's what I'm here for.
Shara: Why, are you LONELY?



Alt-text: "Shara doesn't know what 'cooperating' means. She'd probably assume it's a fancy word for fucking."

I tried to play a bit with the shape of the speech bubbles here to give them a "personality" .. I'm not sure I can keep that consistent, though. But I like how the fur "colors" are coming along for both of them. Relettering is at page 128 right now, meaning I just finished the first dream sequence. And I love how it turned out - check it out if you like!

3 thoughts on “page263

  1. Shara in her wonderful mood …
    By the way, who puts up a picture of a scorpion for decoration??
    Nice detail, and so very fitting for Shara, even though she probably didn’t chose the room’s decoration ^^

    1. Realized just now that the guard captain also has a scorpion on her clasp … yeah, there was something …

      1. Well, good questions indeed … the scorpion does have some meaning that I might get into later … ;)

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