Once I started uploading this scene (starting with last page), it occured to me that it has some interesting parallels to the start of chapter III, where Katharina sits on a bed, still tired and bruised and gets questioned by Master Peck. Funnily enough, that was the scene I just visited again at that moment for relettering.
It wasn’t really on purpose, just an interesting observation for me … I wonder if someone else of you had a similar idea?

Relettering is now at page 131, by the way.

↓ Transcript
Captain Slania: You haven't been in Serpent's End for long, Shara Nemah. But you made QUITE THE ENTRY, you and Katharina Grauch. Lot of people talking.
Shara: So what? People are ALWAYS talking ...
Captan Slania: Yes. Making up stories about you two, what you did in the jungle, where you came from ... heard a few wild ones. Seem UNLIKELY.
Shara: Is that why you're here? You wanna hear MORE stories? We went into the jungle, nearly died to bandits and fuckin' TREES and barely made it here. THE END.
Captain Slania: Stories about Katharina Grauch probably untrue ... she's known to the Guild, seems to be harmless. A bit NAIVE, maybe.
Shara: Yeah, I could've told you THAT much.
Captain Slania: YOU on the other Hand ...
Shara: What? WHAT?
Captain Slania: Stories far more likely to be true. You seem to have an INTERESTING past.
Shara: What fucking STORIES?!
Captain Slania: Never been to Goldhaven. Never actually seen a BLACK FIST ENFORCER mark before. Can I see YOURS?