… and with the left hand only!

Relettering is at page 133.

↓ Transcript
Shara: FUCK OFF! I don't need to talk to you! If you got nothing to arrest me for, LEAVE ME ALONE!
Captain Slania: NOT DONE YET. "Black Fist". A big name. But not HERE yet, only up north. Goldhaven.
<She points Shara's walking cane at her>
Captain Slania: Biggest crooks HERE are Lady V's. And you're spending a LOT of time with them. BAD IDEA.
Shara: Captain, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! But who I spend time with is MY fucking business! Also this is MY CANE you're waving at my -
<Captain Slania grabs Shara by the throat and lifts her in the air>
Shara: - hrk!
Captain Slania: Let me be clear:
Captain Slania: I will NOT let scum like the Black Fist take foot in this city! Not ON THEIR OWN and not with LADY V'S HELP.
Shara: <chocking> g F'CK Y'RSLF y f'kn c'nt!