<Captain Slania throws Shara back onto the bed>
Shara: <chokies> ... F-FUCK! That's it? Just because some fucker thought it'd be funny to burn this into my shoulder you think I'm one of THEM? <coughs> FUCK YOU!
<Outside the room, someone arrives at the door>
Captain Slania: Not very convincing. You might want to find a better excuse.
Shara: Seriously Captain, use your fucking BRAIN!
Shara: Why does everyone assume a SECRET Black Fist agent would wear their friggin mark on their FUR?!
<Straw enters the room>
Straw: NOW, Captain, come on ... I know you like it rough, but attacking a cripple? That's LOW.
Captain Slania: STRAW. Of COURSE you'd be here.
Straw: Yes, ma'am, and as usual I have neither SEEN nor DONE anything, so please excuse my while I help my friend up again. She's a poor, INNOCENT soul that could never harm ANYONE, I swear!
Shara: <muttering to herself while she puts on her peg-leg> fuckin stupid friggin cuntfuckers ... !



Alt-text: "Shara is lucky the Captain is actually much more patient than she looks like."

And thus we have Shara, Straw and Slania in one room. I should strive for mor variety in the starting letters.

Speaking of letters: relettering is at page 136.

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