Straw: Or are you here to take her into custody? Because if NOT ...
Captain Slania: No. I'm done. For NOW.
<Captain Slania drops Shara's walking cane on the floor and leaves the room>
Shara: <shouting after her> Yeah leave me alone you C-
Shara: - CAPTAIN ...
Straw: <while helping her stand up> I'm pleased to see your self-preservation instinct is ablo to triumph over your DIRTY MOUTH.
Shara: ... fucking scaly pissmonger.
Straw: On occasion.
Straw: <picks up her cane> Now, you still need to stay and rest, or ... ?
Shara: No, let's leave this place ... I need some fucking FRESH AIR.
Straw: You sure? You might find a whole mercenary band to start a fight with ...
Shara: Shut your trap! And HANDS OFF! I don't need help - just hold the door ...
<They leave the room>
<They pass through the tavern on their way out>
Straw: <to Ethkett> We're out for a while, Eth. Sorry I can't stay for the drink - another time! And thanks for taking care of her!
Ethkett: Anything for you, boy. Come back soon, I've got MORE than just drinks for you, you know ...
Shara: EUGH! Can you at least wait 'till I'm OUTSIDE?



Alt-text: "Scales don't lie."

Observe how Ethkett is spreading her skin flaps and the crown (are those the right words?) to show off. She's even pumping blood into the crown, though probably not conciously.

She is flirting heavily with Straw, even without the words.

Relettering is at page 140.

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  1. well, why should it not be? it’s our – or for the most part your – universe. it can be called anything you want. ;)

  2. Isn’t it funny, how the same things can mean aggression or arousal?

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