<Straw and Shara are walking outside>
Shara: Can you tell me what the fuck that GIANT CUNT wanted from me?! Don't tell me she knowns about last week!
Straw: CALM DOWN girl. She knows NOTHING.
Shara: REALLY?
Straw: She SUSPECTS a lot of things, sure. She has a good intuition, I'll give her that. But she can't PROVE anything. So she runs around threatening people hoping SOMEONE spills SOMETHING. It's a GOOD sign. Shows how CLUELESS she is right now. Trust me.
<it slowly starts raining>
Shara: She seemed pretty set on nailing ME down ...
Straw: Shara, she wants ME and not you. She has it out for me since I came here about five years ago. So now she sees YOU talking to me, which makes you the next best target. But she's HARMLESS ... IF you know how to deal with her.
Shara: And of course YOU know that - which is why I should do everything YOU tell me. Is THAT what you wanna say?
Straw: <smugly> I LOVA a girl who can think fast. Spares me a lot of trouble explaining.



Alt-text: "Seems like everybody wants a piece of Straw ..."

I guess they don't really care about the rain since it must be about 25°C where they are right now and its a nice warm summer rain ...

Relettering is at page 153 now! (I ... had kind of a run yesterday)

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  1. Weather! Yay!
    And … what the heck happened last week ^.-

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