Shara: ... friggin' RAIN.
Straw: Honestly, I'm surprised it DIDN'T rain the last two days.
Shara: UGH.
Straw: You're not used to tropical climates, are you?
Shara: No, I was born in a DESERT, actually ... and then I lived in a coast city. A much COLDER coast than here.
Straw: Ah, yes ... the infamous GOLDHAVEN. Where you got your mark.
Shara: What does everyone have with my MARK? And why does the WHOLE FUCKING CITY know of it?!
Straw: ... Shara, if you were trying to hide it you should wear a lot more CLOTH at all times. And sleep with less people ... half the city must have seen your naked backside by now.
Shara; You know there's one person I COULD still stand starting a fight with today. He's practically BEGGING for it!
Straw: <sighs> STOP THAT. Seriously.
Shara: What?
Straw: The RAGE THING. Stop it. I get that you had a rough time but calling the GUARD CAPTAIN a cunt? That's BAD FOR BUSINESS and you KNOW that! You're lucky she didn't just throw you in a cell out of SPITE.



Alt-text: "'The Rage Thing' will be the next Metallica album, just wait."

I realized too late that this update will be exactly on april 1st ... not that I would have had the time to make a joke page.

Or well I could, but then I couldn't have done that much relettering, which is now at page 164. Whew. (I took the last week off of work, though, so please don't expect the releterring to continue to be that fast ...)

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