GUYS. Seek shelter already! Looking cool while ignoring the rain isn’t worth catching a cold!

… relettering is at page 169.

↓ Transcript
Shara: I KNOW, alright? I just ... FUCK! I'm CALM now, okay? Everything's FINE!
Straw: I sure HOPE so ...
Straw: 'Cause right now you're as subtle as a WARTHOG AT A WEDDING. I've got more jobs for you but like this you're just a LIABILITY. I KNOW you're smarter than that.
Shara: I GOT IT, Straw ... it won't happen again. REALLY.
Straw: Good.
Shara: By the way ... about those JOBS of yours ... are they all for Lady V? Are you on her PAYROLL?
Straw: Did the Captain say that?
Shara: She IMPLIED it.
Straw: I'm FREELANCING. But a lot of stuff we did was in fact for her, yes. Directly or indirectly. She pays well.
Shara: Yeah?
Straw: Yeah.
<beat as both look up and the rain gets more and more intense>
Shara: Oh FUCK THIS, that's not RAIN anymore, that's a fucking WATERFALL!
Straw: Yeah, you're gonna have a lot of fun in that jungle ...