If a species covered in fur had the same reaction to wet fur as a typical human had to smelling a wet dog … oh boy, they’d HATE rain …

Relettering is at page 174.

↓ Transcript
<Shara and Straw seek shelter from the rain under a bridge>
Straw: Let's just WAIT IT OUT here ... if it's pouring THAT heavy it usually doesn't last very long.
Shara: Let's hope you're right ... I hear wet fur smells TERRIBLE to people not used to it.
Straw: You always smell bad, I'm used to it.
Shara: Jerkass.
Straw: ... Shara: Do you really plan on sticking with these mages?
Shara: What? I'm not "Sticking" with ANYONE. One of them just ... helped me. Because I helped HER before. We're EVEN now.
Straw: But you're going into that jungle with them.
Shara: Yeah 'cause they PAY me for it. A mage's money is as good as anyone else's.
Straw: It can't be THAT much can it? Not for the work they'd let YOU do ... they don't trust you, Shara. They don't trust ANYONE who's not in their little cult, right?
Shara: Don't try to manipulate me, Straw! You think you have a better job offer for me? Just tell me what it is.
Straw: You've got SKILLS, Shara. USEFUL ones. At least as long as you manage to keep a cool head. But we can work on that. I could USE people like you! You could take part in REAL jobs, not like the peanuts we did before. We could make a LOT of money ...