Shara: You want me to work for Lady V?
Straw: I want you to work for ME.
Shara: Don't fuck with me, Straw! I don't buy that "freelancer" crap - you're just one of her GOONS, aren't you?
Straw: Just as long as it suits me. C'mon, Shara, what's your problem? That's how things work, you KNOW that! Let the mages do their arcane stuff ... poking in the past won't turn up anything useful. Or VALUABLE, at that.
Shara: ... why do you think I'd be even INTERESTED in working for you?
Straw: Oh, come on - I saw you talking to that HUMAN GIRL, Katharina. Or to HALEN. You play nice, so they don't get scared - but that's not you. The REAL you would MAKE them scared. And once they ARE scared they'll throw you to the GUARD CAPTAIN immediately. YOU and I, Shara. We know how the world works. NO ONE will care for you unless you do it yourself.
Straw: I only offer you help right now because it benefits ME, too. I won't LIE about that - but that's how it is. So ... what do you say?
<He offers her his hand to shake>
Straw: ... "Fuck the mages"?



Alt-text: "As a teenager Shara had a shirt that said 'FUCK DA MAGEZ'"

Ah, yes, the "at least I'm honest about it" - justification ... who doesn't love it?

Relettering is at page 176. (I didn't get to  du much this week)

One thought on “page272

  1. Well, I really hope Shara doesn’t forget that it was one of those fuckin mages who saved her fuckin life in the fuckin jungle, risking her own life for someone who had stolen from her.
    I’m sure she will remember that. Because deep down in her heart, Shara is a good person. She just plays tough because that’s how life treated her, and how she had to be to survive. But if she really was that reckless, she could as well have just walked out of that cavern in the very beginning of the story, leave he fuckin mage to the lurker/leaper, and come back later for the valuables … end of the story. That would have been a very short webcomic ^^

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