At least the rain is stopping.

Relettering is at page 186.

↓ Transcript
Shara: ... sorry, Straw. I can't quit on them now. The expedition starts in TWO DAYS ... and it's just TOO MUCH MONEY to pass up on.
Straw: Yeah but you'll be gone how long? Two weeks? A MONTH? I can GUARANTEE you we will make MORE on that time if you stay with me ...
Shara: I said NO, Straw. Look, I ... PROMISED I'd tag along, okay? We can talk again when I'm BACK, alright?
Straw: ... right. If you say so. But the opportunity won't wait for you, Shara. Don't be surprised if it's gone when you're back.
Shara: Well if it's gone then ... it's gone. I'm sure I'll SURVIVE it.
<Shara goes to take a look at the sky, the rain ist getting less>
Straw: <whispering> ... yeah. I'm sure you will.