Alt-text: "Trust in the force, Shara."

I was tempted to put Halen's head in the clouds somewhere, but that'd bee too Lion King. Also he's not dead (yet).

Next week will start a new scene - it will have dragons*!
*more or less

Relettering is at page 195.

3 thoughts on “page274

  1. yay dragons! :D
    i might have an idea what you mean ;)

  2. Hey! Don’t you dare to kill off Halen! He’s way too sweet to die!
    (Nah, do whatever the story needs ^^ Still, I’d miss him A LOT! And would be VERY ANGRY at whoever killed him. In the story, that is.)
    (Also: First thought: Talking spider? Then – talking lizard? Only then I realized this was something that had been said earlier on ^^)

    1. Well maybe she just thinks she’s hearing Halen and it’s really a talking lizard … or Halen can turn into a lizard …

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