There you go, dragon. Well … dragon-illusion, anyway.

I’m not sure wether I have already wrote about that in a comic or not, but here we go: While dragons are still a part of a lot of stories in Yra, the general consensus among better educated people is that they’re extinct. I originally planned them to be like the dinosaurs of Yra … but it’s not THAT long ago – the last dragon might have walked the lands aroung 10 000  years ago. So they’re more of … the wool mammoths of Yra, I guess … ?

Also I like how the dragon itself turned out, but I’m not satisfied with the orange lighting on the surroundings, especially in panel one … just focus your gaze on the dragon, I guess.

Relettering is at page 203.

↓ Transcript
<The next evening, the last one before the expedition starts ...>
<A huge crowd is assembled at the marketplace, watching a huge, illusory dragon on a stage breathe fire>
<Shara and Katharina are somewhere on the side, watching>
Shara: Wow, he DOES have a knack for that, doesn't he?
Katharina: It's FANTASTIC, isn't it?!
Shara: You can even FEEL the heat from the fire ...
Katharina: Oh, the FIRE is real! You see the boy who's with him? Gunasin? They are working in TANDEM, that's incredibly difficult! They must have practiced a lot!
Shara: Yeah ... though that kid seems to like the fire a bit TOO much for my tastes ... I hope you didn't let him practice INDOORS ...