Halen: Thank you my friends! Now DANCE and DRINK and ENJOY YOURSELVES!
Crowd: WOOOH!
<Halen und Gunasin bow and the crowd cheers>
Shara: The Illusions are pretty obvious, though ... the GLOW, the TRANSPARENCY ...
Katharina: That's on PURPOSE, Shara. They're not supposed to look ... REAL real you know?
Shara: Waitaminute ... you mean he could make like ... a GIANT DRAGON that ACTUALLY looks real?
Katharina: Er, YES. I've seen him do something like that before ... it's actually PRETTY SCARY, even if you KNOW it's not real. So he sticks with the LIGHTS and BRIGHT COLORS. Less scary and more entertaining.
Shara: Probably a good idea ... no one wants a MASS PANIC as a reaction to his party tricks.
Katharina: Yeah ... ALTHOUGH it should be obvious how impossible it is for an ACUAL DRAGON to just appear on the town square ...
Shara: Kat, when you encounter a GIANT MAW FULL OF TEETH rational though quickly decides to take a break ...
Katharina: ... if you plan to remind me of the DRAGON LEAPER now ... I'm WAAAY ahead of you!



Alt-text: "It was a very awkward birthday party for little timmy."

Sorry for the late update, folks. I planned to do this before I left today but because I screwed up the times I didn't manage to ... and I only came back now.

Relettering is at page 212, and thus now at the current chapter! (which started over a year ago ... damn)

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  1. Heh, yes, the leaper/lurker … I guess Katharina won’t forget that too soon!

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