Shara: This is a pretty neat party Peck has thrown for your departure tomorrow ...
Katharina: You mean OUR departure?
Shara: I'm pretty sure he didn't have ME in mind while planning this ...
Katharina: Maybe. But you ARE a part of the team now ... and Master Peck is not going to be with us in that jungle ...
Shara: So what, you're gonna become JUNGLE QUEEN now, princess?
Katharina: Of COURSE not! I'm just the ... LEADER of this expedition. Which reminds me ...
Shara: ... yes?
Katharina: I REALLY don't want to become all TYRANNICAL on you but ... Well I AM technically your boss for that duration and ...
Shara: What?
Katharina: It'd be grat if you could refrain from ... you know. Making FUN of me all the time. Or INSULTING me. Or calling me "princess".
Shara: Heh. What, are you afraid it's gonna stick?
Katharina: I'm SERIOUS, shara! As expedition leader I have an AUTHORITY to uphold!
Shara: Alright. SURE. I won't say a thing.
Katharina: ... I KNOW that voice. That's your "No Katharina, I didn't steal your circlet!"-voice.



Alt-text: "Oh Katharina, your expressions are so fun to draw."

Yay, callbacks to ancient times!

Relettering is at page 216.

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  1. Heh, and how she blushes … oh Shara, please be nice for once! Kat deserves it!

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