Shara: KAT. When you offered me this you said "partners". Not "boss and goon".
Katharina: Ngh ... YES, you're right. I'm sorry. We're PARTNERS. I'm just a little NERVOUS, okay?
Katharina: I need the rest of the team to RESPECT me if I'm going to lead this thing! Some of them probably won't like that it's a WOMAN leading this ... and LADY V'S Assistant coming with us certainly won't make it EASIER ...
Shara: Her assistant? Who's that?
Katharina: His name is JESTER BOOK, a human ... maybe we'll meet him tonight ...
Shara: THAT'S his name?
Katharina: Yeah.
Shara: REALLY?
Katharina: Yes!
Shara: ... is he DANGEROUS?
Katharina: Er - I ... I'm not sure. I don't think so ... ?
Shara: You don't THINK so? GREAT.
Katharina: Well there's nothing we can do about it - Lady V wants someone with us to keep tabs on her investment ...
Shara: Still. EVERYONE who's touched her is potentially dangerous.
Katharina: You know, I have touched her. Er, FIGURATIVELY.
Shara: Oh FUCK, Kat - WORDING!



Alt-text: "Well it was YOU who started talking about touching, Shara ..."

Not much to say this week.

Relettering is at page 225.

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