Katharina: He IS still part of the TEAM, though, you know ... I don't want him to -
Shara: KAT. He IS trouble. POTENTIALLY. THat's why you wanted ME to come with you, right? Because I have a NOSE for trouble. I'll keep an eye on him.
Katharina: THANK YOU, Shara. I -
Shara: BUT - you won't tell me HOW I do that! That's MY part. You wanted me as PROTECTION, that's what I'm gonna DO. HOWEVER I SEE FIT. Got it? And in RETURN I'll keep out of all your GUILD- and MAGIC- and HISTORY-BUSINESS. That's YOUR part.
Katharina: I ... alright. GOOD.
Shara: <sighs> ... also I PROMISE I'll leave your "authority" intact and NOT make fun of you. TOO much. In PUBLIC.
Katharina: No "princess"?
Shara: ... I'll TRY. Last offer.
Katharina: I guess I'll have to live with that, hm? THANK YOU for coming along, Shara.
Shara: Whatever.
Katharina: AWW - I KNOW you're excited, too!
Shara: ... I revoke the "no princess" thing.



Alt-text: "'Having a nose for trouble' here means 'getting punched in the nose a lot for seeking trouble'"

Being a princess is not that bad, is it?

Relettering is at page 230. (... soon ...)

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