Shara: So ... tel me what this assistant looks like. Maybe I know him.
Katharina: Well ... he has REDDISH HAIR with LOCKS, FRECKLES, wears GLASSES ... he looks very, uhm, well BOOKWORM-ISH.
Shara: <grins> You mean even more than YOU?
Katharina: I am NOT a bookworm! I am WELL TRAVELLED!
Shara: Yeah and always with a stack of BOOKS in tow.
Katharina: That only makes it HARDER!
Katharina: So ... JESTER BOOK. You DON'T know him, do you??
Shara: No, but that doesn't mean he's NOT dangerous.
Katharina: OBVIOUSLY.
Shara: So it's VERY important we keep a CLOSE EYE on -- ooooooooh STRAWBERRY RUM, be right back!
<Shara leaves>
Katharina: ... THANKS. I feel SOOO much safer now.
<Jester Book appears behind her>
Book: Would it help if I REAFFIRMED my promise NOT to poison or otherwise kill you?



Alt-text: "So ... if you knew him it'd be immediatly apparent that he's dangerous, is that how it works?"

Shara seems to have a thing for strawberry rum.

Relettering is now at page 239! I think I might just double down on finishing that for the next week, just to have it down ... don't worry, the next update will still come normally, it just might eat into my buffer a bit.

5 thoughts on “page280

  1. Heh … either that (the thing for strawberry rum), or she saw bok and decided it might be better not to meet him ^^
    Me, I am more a strawberry limes gal …

    1. *book … *sigh*


    1. OK … you fooled me because you had already uploaded a few page more în the mean time ^^ but still, countdown is nearing its end, time to get the champagne ready :)

      1. ;)

        Yeah I did 2 more that day after I uploaded this pge … I think for page 281 I should be able to announce that I’m done!

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