Shara seems to have a thing for strawberry rum.

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↓ Transcript
Shara: So ... tel me what this assistant looks like. Maybe I know him.
Katharina: Well ... he has REDDISH HAIR with LOCKS, FRECKLES, wears GLASSES ... he looks very, uhm, well BOOKWORM-ISH.
Shara: <grins> You mean even more than YOU?
Katharina: I am NOT a bookworm! I am WELL TRAVELLED!
Shara: Yeah and always with a stack of BOOKS in tow.
Katharina: That only makes it HARDER!
Katharina: So ... JESTER BOOK. You DON'T know him, do you??
Shara: No, but that doesn't mean he's NOT dangerous.
Katharina: OBVIOUSLY.
Shara: So it's VERY important we keep a CLOSE EYE on -- ooooooooh STRAWBERRY RUM, be right back!
<Shara leaves>
Katharina: ... THANKS. I feel SOOO much safer now.
<Jester Book appears behind her>
Book: Would it help if I REAFFIRMED my promise NOT to poison or otherwise kill you?